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Hello World

July 29, 2021

Heading H1

Hello, world! This is my first blog post ever.

Heading H2

This is an example post which shows off the Markdown renderer.

Heading H3

This blog also comes with fancy code blocks and quotes like this!

Hey, look! We have some LaTeX\LaTeX rendering!

RGnds=Rdiv(curl(G))dV=Rcurl(G)ndS\oint_{\partial \partial R} G \cdot n \, ds = \iiint_{R} \text{div}(\text{curl}(G)) \, dV = \oiint_{\partial R} \text{curl}(G) \cdot n \, dS
ya1(x)=(y1a1y2a1)(x)=(y1b1b1a1+y1b2b2a1+y1b3b3a1y2b1b1a1+y2b2b2a1+y2b3b3a1)(x)\dfrac{\partial y}{\partial a_1}(x) = \begin{pmatrix} \dfrac{\partial y_1}{\partial a_1}\\\\ \dfrac{\partial y_2}{\partial a_1} \end{pmatrix}(x) = \begin{pmatrix} \dfrac{\partial y_1}{\partial b_1} \dfrac{\partial b_1}{\partial a_1} + \dfrac{\partial y_1}{\partial b_2} \dfrac{\partial b_2}{\partial a_1} + \dfrac{\partial y_1}{\partial b_3} \dfrac{\partial b_3}{\partial a_1} \\\\ \dfrac{\partial y_2}{\partial b_1} \dfrac{\partial b_1}{\partial a_1} + \dfrac{\partial y_2}{\partial b_2} \dfrac{\partial b_2}{\partial a_1} + \dfrac{\partial y_2}{\partial b_3} \dfrac{\partial b_3}{\partial a_1} \end{pmatrix}(x)
import "fmt"

func FizzBuzz(n int) {
    for i := 1; i < n; i++ {
        s := ""
        switch [2]bool{i%3 == 0, i%5 == 0} {
        case [2]bool{true, true}:
            s = "FizzBuzz"
        case [2]bool{true, false}:
            s = "Fizz"
        case [2]bool{false, true}:
            s = "Buzz"
            s = fmt.Sprint(int(i))


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